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Amrita Jain’s report Mobile Creches

Report released by Mobile Creches with permission to share from Amrita Jain.

“With the highest number of neonatal, infant and under-5 deaths in the world, there is an urgent need to address issues that continue to affect the young child in India.”

This comprehensive study on young children in India focuses on children in early childhood, the age group from birth to the age of 6 or 8 years. Arguably, the most important stage in human development. To read the rest of this report, click here.

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jahnavi dhruv
jahnavi dhruv
3 years ago

I am just amazed to know how you people are trying to reach out to the under privileged. Its inspiring

People who commit their lives to young children and their families have powerful stories to tell and we can find our own hope and inspiration as we listen.  WoFo Global Café is the space where people gather to share their stories.  Stop by for tea and find affirmation and companionship.

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