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An Invitation to the World Forum Community from our World Forum Alliance Partner, CCCF

Engage, Enable and Empower: The Canadian Child Care Federation’s Online Family Child Care Training Course

Greetings to our esteemed global community of early childhood care and education enthusiasts! We are thrilled to introduce the newly launched online Family Child Care Training Course. Developed by the Canadian Child Care Federation (CCCF) and leading family child care experts.

This groundbreaking initiative was conceived in 1995 when a group of family child care visionaries, led by Lee Dunster, identified a national need to unite and create comprehensive resources for the family child care field. The journey commenced with the development and launch of the first training modules in 2000, blossoming into the completion of the Family Child Care Training Manual in 2003, Canada’s only national family child care training program. An online version emerged, tested, and refined, paving the way for the birth of this new cutting-edge, accessible, and online 10-module course: E3 Family Child Care Training, Canada’s only online national family child care training course.

Crafting Knowledge Through Creativity:

The heart of this course lies in its creative and thoughtful development process. A team of experts embarked on an extensive review, revamping the original training program, pulling out the best from the original and weaving in fresh insights from a new group of content writers. Tailored for both aspiring and experienced family child care providers, it serves as an invaluable introduction for newcomers and a platform for seasoned providers to reinforce their knowledge and share experiences.

Flexible Learning, Enduring Impact:

Designed as self-directed learning, the course offers flexibility, accommodating individual learners, small groups, or personalized sessions with a home visitor or child care coordinator. Upon completion, participants earn a professional development certificate, recognizing their commitment to advancing their skills in family child care.

Navigating the Course:

The 10 modules unfold at a pace chosen by the participants. They are available 24/7 during the session period, a flexibility essential for providers already working long hours in family child care.  Each module, requiring approximately 1.5 hours to complete, builds and expands knowledge sequentially. Engaging self-reflective assignments and quizzes ensure a thorough understanding before progressing to the next module. The real gem lies in the vibrant Virtual Community of Practice (VCoP) within CCCF’s private Family Child Care Provider Facebook group, fostering connections and shared wisdom among providers, and led by an experienced facilitator and administered by CCCF staff.

Beyond the Modules:

But wait, there’s more! CCCF is working with expert community partners to curate a collection of webinars, addressing trending topics in early learning and child care pertinent to the family child care sector. Upon completing the 10-module course, participants gain access to these insightful webinars, each followed by a quiz for additional professional development certificates.

Engage, Enable and Empower (E3):

With this new professional development offering, we will engage, enable and empower (E3) family child care providers across Canada. The training will enhance the quality of early learning and child care and create much-needed child care spaces. Together, we will shape a brighter, more inclusive future!

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