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An Update from Ecuador
Etienne Moine

Ecuador is still suffering very strongly from the COVID-19 pandemic. Officially, the government recognizes about 6,000 deaths, but the government itself believes that it is time to multiply this number by 2 or 3  to get closer to reality. As of June 21, confinement continues in almost the entire country.

March 12 was the last day that children and families were able to attend the children’s house “La casa de los niños” and, according to what the government proposes, the earliest that the children’s house could be reopened would be from the month of September.

This very delicate situation has forced us to take important measures to limit the foundation’s financial collapse. Remember that an important part of our donors work in tourism and have warned that unfortunately, they will not be able to continue their support in view of the circumstances. It is also important to note that other donors have assured us that they will continue to be with us.

We are trying to imagine a new way of operating with less budget without lowering the quality or impact of working with families and working to find new sources of financing, which is a real challenge at the present time.

We have managed to get some resources to continue supporting more than fifty families that we visit every ten days with the delivery of vegetables and with financial support. We also continue to deliver seedlings for planting. In these programs, we are investing $2,000 per month and we had financing until June 19. We continue to make the necessary efforts to try to continue for at least two additional months, which is the estimated minimum time for families to obtain some of their own resources, although we think that for many of these families, the future looks very complex.

Luckily, neither in AMI nor in families had patients with COVID-19.

Please click through the attached photos taken in the ten deliveries made to date. 

A Un gran abrazo,
Etienne y María

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