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Asia Pacific Global Leaders for Young Children Meet in Vietnam
Hanoi, Vietnam

The World Forum’s 2019-2020 cohort of Asia Pacific Global Leaders for Young Children met in conjunction with the Asia Pacific Regional Network for Early Childhood Conference in Hanoi, Vietnam, December 2nd through the 6th.  Prior to the conference Global Leaders convened to share their advocacy project plans.  Current Global Leaders and alumni were involved in ARNEC as presenters and session facilitators including:

Dr Sheldon Schaeffer – (Thailand) GL Coordinator
K Seng Raw – (Myanmar) GL 2014-2016
Karma Gayleg – (Bhutan) GL 2011-2013
Meenakshi Dogra – (India) GL 2019-2020
Peck Gee Chua – (Malaysia)GL 2019-2020
Siva Prasad Behera – (India) GL 2016-2018

Do Thi Thu Thuy, a Global Leader (2019-2020) from Vietnam, was a gracious hostess, finding the Global Leaders great spots to enjoy dinner.

Left to Right Members of the Global Leader Cohort 2019-2020 and representatives of the World Forum:

Karen Anderson, Australia; Meenakshi Dogra, India; Chris Kollian, India, Do Thi Thu Thuy,

Vietnam; Peck Gee Chua, Malaysia; Laurie Hand, US, Mark Elliott, US

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