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WoFo Global Café Visits in New Zealand

WoFo Global Café traveled to Auckland, New Zealand for the first conversation of 2023. Peter Dixon from Storypark shared about their environmental kinship initiative and talked with his daughter Kira about her perspective on the environment. Sangeeta Lal, Centre Manager, and Sucheta Banerjee, Lead Teacher, from KiNZ Mission Heights early childhood program shared stories about […]

New World Forum Working Group on Race, Racism, Equity and Diversity

On December 14, 2022, ECD Professionals gathered in WoFo Global Café for a conversation and launch of the Race, Racism, Equity and Diversity (RRED) Working Group. Since the 2022 World Forum Foundation gathering in Orlando, many conversations about race, racism, equity and diversity have taken place. A provocation to turn an informal adhoc equity group […]

Creative Ideas For Recruiting And Retaining ECD Teachers

Following the pandemic, the teacher shortage was and is a critical issue in many countries. On September 14, ECD Professionals gathered in WoFo Global Café to brainstorm ideas for recruiting and retaining teachers. The conversation was facilitated by experienced ECD practitioners from India, United Kingdom and the United States.

Diversity and Inclusion: Do we value it? Do we live it? On May 4, 2022, World Forum community members met in WoFo Global Café for a deep and authentic conversation about diversity and inclusion. It is only through understanding and valuing OTHERS that we can truly become WE. Can we reimagine a world in which we are all connected, appreciating our similarities and differences, embracing […]

Plant Our Commitment to the Earth: Engaging Children in Creating Wee Bowl Gardens

Join children and adults around the globe as we plant tiny gardens — in bowls of all types and sizes — to create impact through our actions. In small groups, communities, and organizations, we commit to caring for our planet. Together we change the world.  Take action now: • Investigate with children native plants and […]

2023 International Mud Day was Spectacular

Oh, the joy of it! Digging, planting, observing, watering, nurturing, discovering, protecting — gardening is a lifelong opportunity to connect with our natural world. Young children who delight in eating what they grow are creating their own commitments to Mother Earth; their joys are our hope. So to celebrate World Forum International Mud Day, ECD […]

Technology and Early Care and Education: Parts 1 & 2


PART 1 PART 2 On August 2nd, 2023, tech enthusiasts joined us for our second conversation on our series of cafes based around technology and how it applies to aspects of ECE. The presenters are Federico Zanatta, Master in management of technology, Pedro Olivares, Entrepreneur/ Co-founder at AV3 AEROVISUAL, and Nicolas Galindo, pedagogue […]

A Joyful Conversation

On September 20, 2022 WoFo Global Café went on a road trip.  This conversation was with Larry and Virginia Railton in their garden in Vancouver, BC. Everyone was invited to be joyful with us and to share what energizes their spirit. Children and families need for each of us to live our possibilities and create […]

Be an ECE Innovator!

Whether you consider yourself an innovator or need encouragement to unleash your creative potential, check out our recorded conversation from July 19 for an informative and stimulating conversation on how early childhood programs benefit from innovation. Noted innovators Nicole Biondi, Strategy Consultant; Creative Facilitator and Coach in South Africa, and Peter Dixon from Storypark in […]

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