An Update from Our Friends at PSD Nepal

Posted with permission of Bishnu Bhatta and PSD Nepal.  Latest PSD Nepal News Until now in Nepal, 7,88,036 people are infected by COVID 19, where 11,057 died. Currently, Nepal has re-opened the schools and colleges by lifting the lockdown. PSD Nepal has been working on various projects for years which has helped Nepal learn, grow and earn sustainably. […]

The Power of Presence; A Reflection on Digital Documentation in ECEC

Posted with permission from author Peter Dixon, Storypark Co-CEO and Co-Founder. When your camera captures the moment, does your brain record the same memory?  In the piece below Peter Dixon, Co-Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder at family engagement and professional practice platform Storypark, reflects on the impact of children’s most important learning and milestones being […]

Let’s Talk! <BR>Refugees Around the World and Strategies to Protect Their Human Rights

Rebecca Segran, Malaysia, and Božidar Nikolić, Serbia, will lead the next conversation in Bonnie’s Global Café to discuss early childhood services and practices for children and their families who are refugees in their respective countries. Rebecca and Božidar will summarize the status of refugees and the stigma associated with their status. Conversation participants will have […]

Our World from My Window Series <br>Crisis of Climate Change and Its Impact on Young Children <br>Sheldon Shaeffer

EPISODE 7: The Crisis of Climate Change and Its Impact on Young Children September 28, 2021 References ARNEC. 2020. ‘Ensuring the wellbeing of young children amidst environmental risks in the Asia-Pacific region,’ ARNEC Connections. Available HERE. Bernard Van Leer Foundation. 2018. ‘Urban95, Cities for Young Children.’ Available HERE. IPCC. 2021. Climate Change 2021: The Physical […]