Let’s Talk! Effective Inclusion Strategies

Join us in Bonnie’s Global Café for a stimulating opportunity to learn from the World Forum Working Group on Inclusion and to participate in a conversation about significant elements in the inclusion delivery system globally.  Presenters will include Kathryn Underwood, Canada, Research and Advocacy; Loren Weybright, US, Parental Involvement; Vikate Phannalath, Laos, Teachers Training; and […]

The Wonder of Woodwork <br>Pete Moorhouse, Bristol, UK

Exercising the imagination – Big bang! Small hands… Big ideas! Creative Woodwork in Early Childhood Education Millie (4) has a satisfied radiant glow. She is admiring her work after spending two hours in the woodwork area where she has been engrossed constructing a bed for a princess. She used the hammer, hand-drill, screwdriver and a […]

Our World from My Window Series <br>Climate Change and Young Children <br>– What ECD Sector Can Do <br>Sheldon Shaeffer

EPISODE 8: Climate Change and Young Children – What ECD Sector Can Do December 10, 2021 References https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5I5BqEK1aw https://ourkidsclimate.org/ EPISODE 7: The Crisis of Climate Change and Its Impact on Young Children September 28, 2021 References ARNEC. 2020. ‘Ensuring the wellbeing of young children amidst environmental risks in the Asia-Pacific region,’ ARNEC Connections. Available HERE. […]

An Update from Our Friends at PSD Nepal

Posted with permission of Bishnu Bhatta and PSD Nepal.  Latest PSD Nepal News Until now in Nepal, 7,88,036 people are infected by COVID 19, where 11,057 died. Currently, Nepal has re-opened the schools and colleges by lifting the lockdown. PSD Nepal has been working on various projects for years which has helped Nepal learn, grow and earn sustainably. […]

The Power of Presence; A Reflection on Digital Documentation in ECEC

Posted with permission from author Peter Dixon, Storypark Co-CEO and Co-Founder. When your camera captures the moment, does your brain record the same memory?  In the piece below Peter Dixon, Co-Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder at family engagement and professional practice platform Storypark, reflects on the impact of children’s most important learning and milestones being […]