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Celebrating the Life of Fr Michael Kelly

Like uncountable others, we knew that Fr Michael Kelly was our Friend. He had such a special way of connecting with people, drawing us into his warmth and humor and heart forward life. We just wanted to be in his presence. He honored the work of the World Forum by being part of it, focusing our attention on the issues and impact of HIV/AIDS on young children and their families and helping to create the World Forum HIV/AIDS Action Tank. He delivered plenary presentations at the 2005 World Forum in Montreal and the 2011 World Forum in Hawaii on issues around stigma and HIV/AIDS with intelligence, passion and wit. A strong advocate, there could be no excuses. In his interviews and stories and BGCafé posts, he often used the words:  joy, happiness, and peace. He took great pleasure in being nicknamed The Smiler. Michael Kelly loved life and lived his to the fullest. His belief in each of us and in our ability to make a difference in the world compels us to live our best joyful lives in his memory. “What more can we do?”  


Michael Kelly’s World Forum Keynote

An Interview with Fr Michael Kelly

Professor Father Michael Kelly HIV/AIDS Lecture 2020

Fr Michael J Kelly SJ And 60 Years In Zambia

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Henry Kemoli Manani
Henry Kemoli Manani
3 years ago

The man with a rich smile that matched his knowledge which inspired and touched many lifes around the globe

Martha Llanos
Martha Llanos
3 years ago

2011 at the Worldforum in Hawai was a wonderful inspiring time for me sharing with Father Michael Kelly and Sakeena Yacobi . Personally felt that my own mission and commitment in life was reaffirm with this encounter. So much love ,joy and smiles in very difficult curcumstances.
With gratitude Martha from Peru

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