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Child Care Appreciation Day
Katrina Etsey, Canada

Each year the Learning Enrichment Foundation joins the child care community in Ontario to celebrate the dedication to high-quality care that is provided throughout our communities. In 2019, we worked with a local partner, Evergreen Brick Works, to create an event that invited educators and their families to a conversation area. Invitations were set up to support Learning Enrichment Foundation’s commitment to outdoor play, wellness, and community.

Educators were guided through a Nature Walk that included celebrating the beautiful fall leaves. Nature tea leaves were available for the educators to create their own blend. The willow dome was created throughout the day. As educators and their familes joined, the dome welcomed them into the space and invited their creativity. 

Nature Walk Schedule

Nature Walks were guided throughout the day for individuals to join. On these walks, our guide would point out local wildlife and provide information about native plants in the area. 

Sing Song!

A small circle that started with one person quickly grew to an inspiring display of cultures and community. The guitars were passed around as educators shared songs and dances from their own cultures. These connections celebrate the diversity of our team and strengthen the relationships within the Learning Enrichment Foundation family.

Solar Engraving

Who doesn’t want to try this solar engraving?! This play-based activity enticed those of all ages. 

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