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Celebrating Diwali and Tihar Wherever You Are
Kishore Shrestha, Nepal

Kishor Shrestha, World Forum Foundation Board Member, hosted an informal celebration of the Hindu holiday of Diwali (India) or Deepawali or Tihar (Nepal), after the  Pikler Lóczy USA Conference in Los Angeles. The Working Group on Children in Children’s Homes did a filming for Bonnie’s Global Café (coming soon) and then we celebrated.  Bonnie, as co-host, shared why the celebration of Diwali has become increasingly significant to the Neugebauer family through the marriage of son Adam to Riddhi Mehta. Kishor shared traditions and the meaning of the celebrations as the light was passed and wishes shared, rangolis designed, flowers and sweets and nuts gifted, and an Indian meal enjoyed, sponsored by Elsa Chahin and Pikler Lóczy. We are all grateful to Kishor for sharing his faith and traditions with us for such a special evening.


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