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Ecuador and the Pandemic
Etienne Moine, Ecuador

Ecuador is in a situation similar to that of France in terms of the pandemic and containment measures with the addition of a 15-hour curfew per day. In a country that was already in deep economic and social crisis before the arrival of the pandemic where almost half of the population is unemployed and tries to earn the daily necessities for their survival without any protection social, no reserves or money or even food, you can try to imagine the situation.

Many articles have been written on the dramatic situation in Guayaquil. At the beginning of the pandemic it is true that there were big problems with the funeral services because of the measures taken suddenly:

  • ban on continuing to work which has caused the closure of many funeral directors.
  • curfew from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. so that those who continued to work actually did it part time.

This caused chaos, also used politically by part of the opposition to the government, and of course provided spectacular material to the media around the world.

If the situation remains difficult, these events are now a bad memory and the pandemic would seem close to its level in our country. Quito and the rest of the country outside Guayaquil are less affected to date and containment is very strict.

The very stupid and penniless government does not know what to do. And to top off the torrential rains that washed away part of the two Ecuadorian oil pipelines, the country had to interrupt all production and export of petroleum for at least three weeks if not much more!

We stay close to families in touch with the AMI foundation as much as possible.

Our large garden has been used for free deliveries of vegetables once a week and we have also ensured a minimum economic contribution to families most in difficulty. We are looking for new donations to continue the necessary time.

Thanks to all of you who regularly come to the news.

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