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Global Leaders from the Americas Meet
Queretaro, México

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Global Leaders from Central, North and South America recently had an amazing experience participating in their regional meeting. Global Leader Alumni, Ivan Galindo and current Global Leader, Connie Duran Peralta graciously hosted the meeting in their home city of Queretaro, Mexico. Our days were packed with activities, including presentations and tours.

1. Global Leaders are proud of their peace building art activity (Deserea Quintana – Inter-Tribal Council of NevadaLaurie Hand – Community Development Institute, Global Leader SecretariatMaria Thereza Marcilio – BrazilMonica Sayad – Round Valley Indian TribesMary Zoller – Colusa Indian CommunityIsabella Henriquez – BrazilGale Spotted Tail – LakotaKim Nall – Colusa Indian CommunityLucia Vicencio – Community Development Institute)

2. Engaging in the activity

3. Sharing feedback remotely

4. The children at the center operated by the municipality comparing their embroidery to the beadwork on Gale’s moccasins

A few highlights included a visit to Ivan’s school with an opportunity to speak to staff and parents about the engaging program for children at his center and  a tour of the center for the children of women who are street vendors, operated by the municipality.

At the center we were joined for breakfast by the Mayor and his wife and  learned more about what  Queretaro is doing to support children and families. One afternoon we were able to experience Connie’s Global Leader project first-hand as we engaged in one of the peace-building activities in which children participate.

As always, we were impassioned by each other when Global Leaders presented information about their ongoing community advocacy projects, even connecting remotely with those who were unable to attend. I continue to be  inspired by the amazing work happening on behalf of children across the world.

For more information about  the Global Leaders program of the WWF contact Roger Neugebauer  or Mark Elliott

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