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How COVID–19 Is Impacting the People of Rwanda
Eddy Nyarwaya, Rwanda

The whole world is in shock of lockdown and hearing numbers of deaths in different countries and despair of lockdowns. COVID-19 challenges are immersing.

But it is time the whole world, nations, people to show togetherness and supporting one another by making a call, or email.  Perhaps that email or a call can make a difference in someone’s life.

In Africa, the main challenge is not COVID-19, because Africa has few numbers.  But effects of COVID-19 are immerse.  For example, food, because many work daily pay which is hand to mouth. And our governments can’t afford providing sustainability.

Many children are likely to have so many consequences.  Malnourishment and stunting will double.  And many children are out of schools because the families can’t take to schools after lockdown.  Also, many experience caretakers shall lose jobs because pre schools or ECDs in Africa are private owned and they don’t have any support from governments.

For me and my team in Rwanda, we are supporting children by making phone calls because in rural areas no internets like video teaching.  We use guardian or parent phone calls to reach our 300 children and remember same don’t have food to eat or porridge, as they were having break fasts and launch at centers.

But we are optimistic that we shall overcome it.  With Rwanda government strong and W.H.O Measures and with over 200 COVID-19 CASES NO single death!

We have been in Lockdown 50 DAYS and eased lockdown this week, but no churches or gatherings. Schools will take 3 or 4 months to open, no public transport, no movements from another district to another.  And many people work from homes.  And each must have face masks.

I wanted to share this update about us. I love World Forum foundation.  I love you all so much.

You are my source of motivation and strength keeping me moving on this challenging tasks I work in. Because I share entire world of WFF and experience with others, and learn from WFF, that energize me a lot. Actually, I pray for WFF in daily prayer for God to keep WFF safe.

Be well and safe.

Eddy Nyarwaya
World Forum National Representative, Rwanda

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