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Climate Change, Young Children and the World Forum Community

On February 14th, 2024, we explored ways the World Forum Community can continue to build awareness and action on climate change and young children, including our work before, during and after the 2024 World Forum in Vancouver. Sheldon Schaeffer of the Asia-Pacific Regional Network on Early Childhood and Kirsten Haugen of the World Forum Foundation explored three key themes together:

  • Understanding and sharing the current and future impacts of climate change on young children
  • Supporting young children to build the knowledge and skills they need to live in a climate changing world – including resilience, collaboration, and innovation.
  • Understanding our roles as early childhood professionals in advocacy, capacity building and policy development at all levels.

To help prepare for this conversation we reviewed this article offering inspiration for considering the intersection of climate change and early childhood): Climate Action Needs Cultural Wisdom.

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Person/s leading discussion: Sheldon Shaeffer

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Regan Bynder
Regan Bynder
5 months ago

Will there be a recording we can access after the call?

People who commit their lives to young children and their families have powerful stories to tell and we can find our own hope and inspiration as we listen.  WoFo Global Café is the space where people gather to share their stories.  Stop by for tea and find affirmation and companionship.

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