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Impact of Climate Change on Young Children

While politicians around the world debate whether climate change is real, scientists warn us that the impact of global warming is already here. Young children around the world, especially children in marginalized communities, are being increasingly impacted as both the frequency and intensity of climate-related events increase.

On September 27, 2023 we had a conversation on the impact of climate change on young children. We were honored to be joined by Sheldon Shaeffer, Board Chair of the Asia/Pacific Regional Network for Early Childhood and Elliot Haspel, Director of Climate & Young Children at the think tank Capita. We learn how early childhood professionals around the world can, and must, take action now and share stories of what is happening in your region.

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Person/s leading discussion: Sheldon Shaeffer / Elliot Hospel

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Rick Fiene
Rick Fiene
8 months ago

As a research psychologist and an amateur socio-meteorologist this is exactly what we need to be addressing. So looking forward to this session. Thank you for focusing on this critical issue!!! I will be sharing the information with my friends at the American Meteorological Society and the Royal Meteorological Society.

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