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Tuning in to Children: What Do We Learn When We Really Listen?

How do we remember feeling as children when adults really listened to us—or didn’t? Now we’re the adults, so how do apply our own childhood experiences as we work with children? How do we create safe spaces for authentic sharing and listening? Do we listen to the many voices children use to express their ideas?  What do we learn?  Connie Duran, Paxia and Puerta Abierta, México and Amy Neugebauer, The Giving Square, United States shared stories from their work and their strategies for really listening to children. 

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Mary Kay Keller
Mary Kay Keller
1 month ago

I so love the work that you do bringing people together and stimulating conversation regarding children. Thank you!

People who commit their lives to young children and their families have powerful stories to tell and we can find our own hope and inspiration as we listen.  WoFo Global Café is the space where people gather to share their stories.  Stop by for tea and find affirmation and companionship.

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