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Plant Our Commitment to the Earth: Engaging Children in Creating Wee Bowl Gardens

Join children and adults around the globe as we plant tiny gardens — in bowls of all types and sizes — to create impact through our actions. In small groups, communities, and organizations, we commit to caring for our planet.

Together we change the world. 

Take action now:
• Investigate with children native plants and pollinators for your community.

• As you source plants for your garden, consider rescuing plants at risk from urban development, climate change, or challenging location. You can source seeds from the food you eat.

• Choose your bowl-shaped container.  Be creative.  (See an example below)

• Encourage children to take the lead and plant the small gardens.

• Choose a good location for the garden to thrive and give it proper loving care — water, sun, protection.

Share the children’s gardens and your own:
• Take 1 – 3 photos of the bowl gardens. Include gardeners in the photos if you wish.

• Submit your photos and a short paragraph describing your process here: Be sure to identify yourself and your location.

• We’ll begin posting garden photos as they arrive in WoFo Global Café.

• We will host follow-up conversations in WoFo Global Café as a time to share actions and stories, and brainstorm next steps.

Karen Graham’s Wee Garden:

Wee Garden’s from Wales

Gardener: Karen Graham and her grandchildren, Wales 

It was such a lovely session, creating tons of mess and broken shells 😂. We had a lovely time and they are thrilled with their little egg gardens. On doing the exercise, it was messy fun and taught knowledge and SKILLS in being patient and gentle with shells .

Bonnie’s Wee Gardens:

Eggshell Native Plant Garden

Gardener: Bonnie Neugebauer, Arcadia Beach, Oregon, United States

I wanted to plant a tiny garden, something a bit magical. The eggshell seems perfect because as the plants grow, I can transfer the whole eggshell right into the soil. The plants are native to the Pacific Coast of the United States:  spruce tree, viola adunca, and moss. The tiny animal was in my holiday stocking, a treasure from Santa.

Nehalem Bay Garden Club Plants Wee Gardens

Nehalem, Oregon

The World Forum was part of the Nehalem Bay Garden Club’s Plant Sale in May, inviting young children to plant their commitments to the earth.  Children and families enjoyed the opportunity to plant tiny succulents in very small containers, adding animals and sparkle as they wished.  Here are some of the gardens they are carefully nurturing.    

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People who commit their lives to young children and their families have powerful stories to tell and we can find our own hope and inspiration as we listen.  WoFo Global Café is the space where people gather to share their stories.  Stop by for tea and find affirmation and companionship.

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