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An Update from Our Friends at PSD Nepal

Posted with permission of Bishnu Bhatta and PSD Nepal. 

Latest PSD Nepal News

Until now in Nepal, 7,88,036 people are infected by COVID 19, where 11,057 died. Currently, Nepal has re-opened the schools and colleges by lifting the lockdown. PSD Nepal has been working on various projects for years which has helped Nepal learn, grow and earn sustainably.

Partnership for Sustainable Development, Microbe Literacy Initiatives, and Nepal Health Research Council 
As a part of capacity building program activities to learn the rationale, implementation, and administrative requirements of microscope-based health education program, Microbe Literacy for the key stakeholders (Microbe Literacy Facilitators) in Nepal; a training workshop was held from August 7th through August 10th, 2021 in Brooklyn, New York. The Training of Trainers (ToT) was prepared by the Microbe Literacy Initiative, a non-profit global health organization based in Brooklyn, New York, and delivered by Mr. Ed Higgins, the co-founder of the entity. As a participant, PSD Nepal director Mr. Bishnu Bhatta,  Dr. Pradip Gynwali – Chief Executive Director and Dr. Suman Pant – Research Officer from NHRC also took part in the ToT program. Mr. Bishnu Bhatta has learned all the for competencies to train and provide supportive supervision to the trainers who will be conducting community-based workshops using the MLI curriculum and Standard Operating Procedures as well as completing workshop day reporting forms.

Partnership between Unforgotten Fund (UNFF) and PSD for waste pickers
Recently PSD did a partnership with Unforgotten Fund (UNFF) and PSD to help support the waste pickers of Kathmandu who lack good quality of life. With this project, our goal is to provide the waste pickers with education, sustainable skills, non-formal education and help spread awareness on various topics that will help them achieve better living standards. In the initial phase of the project, we are supporting 15 waste picker’s children of Kathmandu and may expand our support in the future. PSD will give preference to: children who have a single parent (where the father has abandoned the family), or no parent, ones living in the dump, and families/children that have engaged in waste picking as their livelihood for years. We plan to have 50% girls and 50% boys in the program. The age group of children will be 6- 16 years.

SUII knowledge Exchange Programme ‘ Community Gardens Beyond Communities’
Recently PSD has represented Nepal in a Community Gardens Beyond Communities program organized by Scottish Universities Insight  Institute, the University of Dundee, and The University of Edinburghleading this program with other 8 different countries. As a part of this program, PSD Nepal conducted round table discussions in the rural and urban parts of the country where 50 environmentally associated people/experts took part and contributed to the understanding and identification of the environmental issue with the help of the questions provided by the university. The workshop gave us various information about the difficulties and favorability of community gardening as well as rooftop gardening in the rural and urban parts of Nepal. Further to present the report and findings Director of PSD Nepal is giving a session on 29th of October via zoom platform to all the representatives from different countries and organizing universities.

Flood Relief Support Program HeiSDA
Heavy monsoon rains beginning in mid-July 2021 triggered unprecedented flooding in Melamchi and Helambu which plowed a swathe of destruction along the river edges over the course of a week and destroyed arable land, crops, and settlements. PSD Nepal aided 500 Squares Meters of Gabion wire to Helumbu-4, to Saraswoti Secondary School, Gyalthum Ward, and community people situated in the Melamchi river basin which is grossly affected by the flood of the Indravati River. The firstly provided gabion basket effectively lies in the river banks. The second support from PSD Nepal was provided on July 24, 2021. It was handed over to the local community and ward electives by reaching the spot.

The people who are affected by river cutoff are very happy and praised PSD Nepal HeiSDA for its support with resources useful during their difficult time. The chairman forward chair of Rural Municipality Mr. Raj Kumar Lamichhane also gave huge thanks to PSD and their donors for the generous support in this difficult time. We are very thankful to the entire team of HeiSDA who funded this project. We have been able to bring change and development to this village due to your endless support to raise the fund to stop landslides to protect the school and community of Helambu.

Flood Relief Support Program CRED
PSD Nepal provided 37 pieces of Gabin wire to Saraswoti Secondary School, Helambu-4, Gyalthum situated in the Melamchi river basin which is grossly affected by the flood of the Indravati River with the help of CRED Fund. There is a prevalence of risk of erosion and degradation from the stream current of Indrawati leading to damage of the school area. After the consultation with the local people, food and emergency relief had already been supported by others, it was suggested to buy gabion wire to protect the school area and other settlements nearby. It was delivered toward representatives of Helambu-4 from PSD Nepal by reaching the spot. This helps ensures the normal study of about 750 students after the situation is improved. We would like to show our deepest gratitude to CRED for its constant support.

Namaste friends! Once again, with great pleasure, we present you with our updated quarterly newsletter. Please read this, Issue 3 from our 16th year of writing, designed to keep you updated with PSD Nepal and our activities, projects, and future plans! Any questions and/or comments regarding the newsletter or about PSD- Nepal are more than welcome. You can send us an email to [email protected] or call us at(+977)9841285379

Bishnu H.Bhatta

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