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Upcoming Events at the Café

World Forum Café events are free and open to the public. 

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Upcoming Events at the Café:

March 8, 2024 — International Women’s Day


Recent Events – view the recordings

February, 28, 2024 — Tuning In To Children: What do We Learn When We Really Listen? with Connie Duran and Amy Neugebauer

February 14, 2024 ­— Climate Change, Young Children and the World Forum Community with Sheldon Shaeffer, Kirsten Haugen and presenters for the 2024 World Forum.

January 31, 2024 — Outcomes for Young Children from the COP28 Climate Summit

January 17, 2024 – Men in ECE: “A Man for All Reasons”I

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People who commit their lives to young children and their families have powerful stories to tell and we can find our own hope and inspiration as we listen.  WoFo Global Café is the space where people gather to share their stories.  Stop by for tea and find affirmation and companionship.

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